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  • How I’d Improve the Twitter iPhone App

    Recently, I started using Twitter’s native iPhone app. Overall, I really enjoy it, but there’s one thing about it that drives me just nuts: The settings screen(s).

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  • An Honest Look

    2010 was a busy year, but you wouldn’t know it from looking here. I’ve worked on a lot, I swear. A year’s worth of releases on an app no one sees (my day job), thousands of lines of code on an API class I haven’t finished, and countless ideas and inspirations moth-balled and subverted with a lot of wishful thinking, rhetorical questions,  and self-deprecating comments regarding myself and my career, courtesy of my own subconscious.

    As I look back on the year, I’ve realized a simple fact: I spend more time crafting an answer for what I do as a person than I do developing a passion for what I’ve done as a web developer. My resolution for 2011, is that this changes.  In order to create this change, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the beliefs and mentalities I’ve built up over the years both as a person and a professional, and I’m faced with a very simple question: What the hell am I so afraid of, seriously? I think I have the answer. I, Levi Hackwith, am I afraid of being held responsible.

    I’ve been dodging responsibility for most of my life in one form or another. Not necessarily as a whole, but in all the little things that scare me. I’d stay at a job I hated for fear of being responsible for finding a better one; I avoid taking charge or leading much of anything because I might be held responsible for the activities and people under me. This isn’t a fear of failure, of falling to the ground once out of the cocoon. This about getting out of the cocoon and being told told I have to fly.

    My hope is that all of that changes this year, that I take responsibility for both my passion and my career. That this blog not be so much about web development or my life, but the pursuit of honesty and self-accountability, that I might actually better this Internet that I claim to love so much.