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  • How to Run Buster.js Unit Tests in (and Against) the Browser

    Previously, I gave a brief introduction to Buster.js and how it’s used. Today, I’m going to show you how to set up Buster.js to run tests against a browser as well as how to use setUp and tearDown to reduce redundancy in your unit tests.

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  • Getting Started With Buster.js

    Buster.js is a unit testing framework for JavaScript applications. With it, you can write web applications using the Test Driven Development method which in turn leads to code that is easier to change and maintain.

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  • How to Pass in Parameters to BusterJs assert.exception and refute.exception

    Recently I was working with BusterJs’s assert.exception and refute.exception methods and ran into an issue with their documentation. In their example docs for those methods, they show how you can pass in an object literal that either does or does not throw an exception (depending on which method you’re using). This helpful in getting started, but I thought I’d chime in and give an example on how to use these methods if you’re writing unit tests for an API or library.